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Published in collaboration with curators from the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History, this illustrated biography compilation captures the iconic moments of more than fifty African American women whose heroism and bravery rewrote the American story for the better. 

  • Harriet Tubman guided the way.

  • Rosa Parks sat for equality.

  • Aretha Franklin sang from the soul.

  • Serena Williams bested the competition.

  • Michelle Obama transformed the White House.

They were fearless. They were bold. They were game changers. 

BRAVE. BLACK. FIRST. 50+ African American Women Who Changed the World

by Cheryl Willis Hudson

illustrations by Erin K. Robinson

ISBN: 978-0-525-64582-5

Crown Books for Young Readers/Random House Children's Books

Available January 7, 2020

*For additional information on these bold women, see RESOURCES

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